The three main goals of our Daomac Institute are: 1. To support and increase love and harmony in this world. Aloha! 2. To teach daoist knowledge and the methods of the Chinese Life Sciences in order to understand the natural world in which we humans live between Heaven and Earth. 3. To use this knowledge to contribute to the active creation of a better world for future generations. Our relationship with Master Niu and Annie from the Academia Asia begun in 2013 were I had the honor to come to learn directly from them their linages knowledge and use their outer alchemical recipes. Further more to bring the use of these formulas to my students all around the world and the people that need them for their own development or even healing. Mainly through my Daoist Institute Daomac me and my international team of master-students we provide teachings and consulting services to improve peoples better understanding of themselves and the world so that they can reach more success, health and joy in their lives. Can be in 心法Xinfa – Heart Mind methods application of Qi Men Dun Jia Techniques 奇門遁甲術 or in form of alchemical retreats using Masters Niu 外丹藥膏 combined with meditation practices and daoyin – qigong practices 導引術. In our institute Daomac we all welcome you heartily to take part in our courses and learn together these techniques treasure of ancient Chinese culture wisdom With all best regards! Dr. Alejandro Penataro 彭艾龍博士


Hello everyone! Dear new and old friends, here is a short presentation of my humble self and my life dedication. I am Dr. Alejandro Peñataro Sánchez 彭艾龍 博士, 80th Generation of the Huatuo Daoyin Linage 華佗門導引術 and 15th Generation Master of the alchemical daoist Linage Mao Shan 中國道家茅山丹道. Original from Spain, the academic background in Germany is Classical Chinese Studies Master degree in Heidelberg University and then several years of research and teaching at the Horst Görtz Institute of History, Theory and Ethics of Traditional Chinese Life Sciences, at the Medical University Charité, Berlin. I created the Virtual Institute Daomac to unify these essences of the best traditions with the excellence of academic research.